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Horrible service for a new customer. 5 customers in the store and three employees when I went in, I kept getting put off on check in because it was more important for them to race back to checking people out than to type in my information. None of the employees even cared to talk to me or address me, just a short hi(or equivalent slang greeting) and then ignored while they searched fore in the computer. The second guy didn't even give back my ID when he walked away. By the time the third employee came up didn't address me or even look at me until after figuring out I wasn't in the system yet I was done. Worst service at any dispensary I've visited. Took my ID back and left, I would've left after the second guy told me he was too busy to check me in. How hard is it to have 1 person dedicated to check-in first and the others helping customers.

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