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Great guy works in there hooked me up with my veteran discount
2 months ago
This is a great dispensary! I have shopped at a few of the other stores around town, and I was a little hesitant on checking this place out. I'm so glad I did! Wonderful feel right in the door. Relaxed environment with super nice and helpful bud tenders to help you out. I am so happy with the prices and quality! The blue magoo concentrate was out of this world with taste and terpenes! This is my new favorite place and I'm its new dedicated customer! This is how dispensaries should be!
6 months ago
Top shelf is a bit more spendy than a few of the other shops in town, coming in at nearly $15 a gram with tax. If you're looking for top shelf, I'd recommend somewhere else. However, when it comes to deals, you wont find a better place to shop in 50 miles. Consistently screaming deals as low as 46 cents a gram (WITH TAX EVEN) make this place my personal favorite for buying in bulk. And this isn't dirt weed at this price; just typically old top shelf stock that pretty consistently comes in at high % with decent taste, amazing flavor even for the price. highly recommend this establishment if you're on a budget. Knowledgable staff, extremely friendly (if you can avoid the owner, my one experience there in which they were present left a really bad taste in my mouth for how they treated the employees) but as far as customer service goes, its on par with most other high end shops in town.
11 months ago
I like the lobby and they are very helpful and I recommend them. Happy customer service.
12 months ago
Since moving here I have tried a number of places and all of them have always had such awesome staff. This place is no different!! Everyone I have met so far has been super nice and helpful with questions. Now why I like this place better than the others, it’s the vibe of the place. You walk in and instantly feel at home. I love how they have everything set up. I like to smell my stuff and they totally accommodate that, along with their prices being very good. Now one reviewer was upset because he couldn’t bring his flower back and exchange it... REALLY!! This isn’t Walmart, so sorry I think that review is crazy. Please visit these peeps they are awesome!
a year ago