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Here is a little information about our company. Our goal is to have the best retail store experience for our customers with having amazing prices with a wide price range, big selection of quality flower, awesome products, fantastic Budtenders and customer service. What makes us different is that we welcome input of what our community and customers are looking for and we like to treat everyone like they are a regular and a part of a family. Our Milwaukie location is where it began and where it will not end.

We hope you take the time to come meet us and check out our store.


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Other Reviews

Bro they used to be great, but they haven’t had anything lately. They’ve been out and have nothing good besides $8 grams. I’m disappointed. Need a new dispenso for sure.
a month ago
I have come to top shelf for some time now. Generally it's ok. The flower is great and at a good price, however all there other product is waaaaay over priced compared to most other shops. There customer service is pretty mediocre at best, I went in today and there was only one customer and 3 tenders not one of then said hello and the first thing they said was can I see your id... the rest of the time they were more interested in each other and how the back end apparently doesn't help enough. With service like that I'd stay in the back too.
2 months ago
I love Mario and Jessie. They maintain a great attitude even when busy!! Keep up the amazing work you guys rock!!
a month ago
If you want weed, this is a good place to go because they always have it in mass quantities at fair prices. But they should call this place Top Shelf Oil, since that's all they have left after their dozen or so employees use their employee discount on the low-end stuff. I've heard them brag on multiple occasions about doing full gram dabs of the cheap stuff I go there for, while also being told that they don't have it in stock 9 out of 10 times I go in. I understand cheap oil is popular and tends to go quickly, but a business should prioritize having product in stock for its customers over having stoned employees who take too long to ring up customers.
2 months ago
Kayla and Jess were treated horribly by another customer because of price, unnecessarily. This is the best price and the best budtenders I have dealt with. I would recommend this place to anyone. Always nice and full of good conversation. I return for the service regularly. They are wonderful
3 months ago