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Green stop is great! There was only a one time I had a bad experience there but to be honest I was also cranky that day, lol! The employees & owners are super tenders! All their flowers are AMAZING! Being honest best flower I've had in Portland :D.
Only been in a couple times and the last time I came in I got 4 pre rolls, 2 different kind of strains and they were all put into one container. I couldn't tell what i was smoking. At least putting them in their own container so the consumer knows what they are smoking. Haven't been back since.
My favorite dispensary. The last time I was short because I thought the $8 grams were all day but they start at six, and this super sweet lady said, "If you're short don't worry I'll cover you" I was like "REALLY? That's a whole $2 short dude." But she said not to worry. I can't remember her name but she's got short blonde hair and is about 5'3. They go above and beyond to make people happy every time, love my experiences there!
Don't waste your time, just go to Maritime Cafe 1000 ft away. They charge MEDICAL patients tax and then scream at you in front of other customers that you're wrong. (I've managed a dispensary for years and went through the OMMP to OLCC change as a complaince manager. Medical patients are NOT taxed) whoever is in charge of compliance is doing a horrendous job of it. HORRIBLE customer service from the second you walk up to the check in window. A lady who was refferes to as "K" was the one who raised her voice to us and was aggressive from the moment we walked in. It was as if we were inconveniencing her by asking her the price of a few products. I will never return to shop and I would not recommend this shop to anybody.
Cheapest pre-rolls around the area here at Green Stop, with great strains (Silver Tip, Gorilla Glue, Killer Queen, Scooby Snacks, Dutch Treat and more all at THC 20%++) at five dollars a pop, tax included!!! Sunday they go down to FOUR dollars, and they frequently have $25 eighth deals at least once a week! My go-to shoppe for a quick joint! And I'm a fan of the chill classic hip-hop they play softly. :) Staff is very friendly, not snobby like other places, will work to understand your needs, and they each remember me personally after only a few short visits: this is the mark of excellent customer service.

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