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Really helpful and friendly service my first time there
in the last week
Nice and knowledgeable people. Great experience. Makes me and my wife feel welcome everytime
2 months ago
Love market street, service is great! However with their recent switch to their brand only cbd vape cartridge i have been so disappointed. The first market street 1gram cbd vape cartridge i purchased was consistantly putting oil in my mouth when i would vape. Im talking the oil from the cartridge is not being filtered properly so it is ending up coming through the pen into my mouth.. really gross and definitely not a smooth experience. This was a bummer but when i went in the service member was awesome we spoke about the issues i had and quite possibly i got a defected cartridge. No biggie stuff happens they offered me a discount on my next one which i did not take, its not about the cost I just wanted a good cbd only vape and i was willing to give another 1g a try. Had my 2nd one a week and Oil in my mouth constantly. Also i noticed this cartridge had a small crack on the inside, i thought no biggie. Well today when i went to vape that small crack has now splintered and oil is leaking out the side of the cartridge. Total bummer! Im all for supporting market street have spent a ton there but with this quality control issue with their brand cbd cartridges and them no longer carrying the other brand cartridges im considering finding a new spot. $55 for a cbd vape is great but not when the cartridge is cracking and its constantly shooting oil in your mouth.
2 months ago
I was looking for alternative pain relief for my daughter who just had ACL repair surgery. The staff were extremely helpful (I had never gone into a business like this). I was really uncomfortable going in but the staff were very helpful and helped to make me feel comfortable. I had no idea what I was looking for, but the staff asked me questions and were able to suggest a few things for her to try, including a CBD lotion for her knee!
3 months ago
Excellent product and attentive service. I like that they sell their own products and not just commercially available items.
3 months ago

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