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Polite, good pricing. Great shop and staff
in the last week
These guys are great. They have good weed, good prices and they carry local glass. I definitely recommend this place.
2 weeks ago
Highest prices with the lowest quality I've seen in the area. They showed me 3 of their top shelf, and it looked like scraps. The girls were real friendly, but the flower was a joke. I'm a connoisseur of high quality for over 25 years.
2 months ago
Very friendly guys that own and run this place. They sell quality product at a reasonable price. They hold their business to a higher quality standard than most and it shows.
5 months ago
Me and my bf went here for the first time Friday evening. We recently heard of this place and had a little coupon so we figured we'd get an oz or 2 between the 2 of us. My bf went in before i was ready (i was on the phone still) he was in there for more than 5 minutes. I then saw a family of 3 park next to me And walk in. Then i see my bf walk out frowning. I asked him what's wrong, was there anything good. Where's goods purchase. He told me the woman working in there never even once acknowledged his presence. Never said hi. I'll be with u in a minute. Instead She stayed flirting with the only other customer in there. The customer had already made his purchase since before we got there and yet she was feeling oh so lucky so she ignored her job she's being paid for and continues to flirt the WHOLE time. Finally when the family went in she told them hello. But never acknowledged us. We are not going back there again. She needs to be spoken to about her work ethic. We decided to go to another dispensary we hadn't gone to yet either and had a great experience with the budtenders there. The plus side is at least it lead us to this other dispensary which we really like now.
5 months ago

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