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$5 grams all day and they are the only dispensary open this late with consistent quality
2 weeks ago
Super duper staff, an excellent supply of super dank items. Stop in and check out all the great discounts they offer...senior, military and others! P.S. they will all of your combine discounts too! Stop in and check em out, you be glad you did!
a month ago
Really knowledgeable staff very Friendly employees Inside and outside of that store Are spot on almost rustic but Modern In a really great way super inviting, And they offer so many discounts, Hands down the best weed in Southern Oregon great selection Of Tinctures cartridges I mean you name it....their joints are insane hand rolled their indoor is phenomenal outdoor is just as phenomenal. All in all the best laid back professional Cannabis store I've been to. If you haven't been by Cannabiz experience I strongly recommend stopping by to just say High.... believe me when I say they have something for you.
2 months ago
Average product with ridiculously large price tags. The owner will try to justify his large price tag by a “discount” that only makes sense to him and nobody else. I honestly just couldn’t stand the guy. The tree is not upfront and visible so u have to ask him to pull it off the shelf and unscrew the lid to see/smell the product. Every cap that gets unscrewed is followed by a ridiculous description of the high that specific bud will give. I’m sure some folks eat that type of stuff up but it was like nails on a chalk board for me. Ultimately I can deal with a “used car salesmen” type of owner if they have good product at a fair price. Which they did not so I ultimately felt the need to go elsewhere. I personally won’t be back. ????
3 months ago
Typically my favorite, top-shelf shop. Very high quality product, knowledgeable and friendly staff, good vibes. I had a kid budtender today shake a jar up like a can of spray paint. If you don't know why you should not do that, you should not be behind the counter. I couldn't tell you how many of those jars have been battered by this fella (all), so I will not be returning.
5 months ago

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