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zero stars. rude staff. inferior product. they say keep your receipt in case the cartridge doesn't work. then i get a bad double cartridge (-$70.) and they don't stand behind it saying, "we've never had a bad cartridge, 'operator error', you must have shoved it". im no amatuer! spend your $ wisely and skip this shop. super bitchy lady never again. going where im appreciated. thanks fifth element.
Everyone is always professional and knowledgeable. Very clean with a great atmosphere and always great products Parking lot could be a bit larger.
Love plantae madras. No other dispensary can compare at all. If u want good quality buds at a killer price, plantae madras is the place to go.
Great place. I go there regularly and today I discovered I had some points saved up which allowed me to get a pretty nice discount. They carry a pretty good selection actually, compared to other dispensaries I don't feel like their selection is lacking at all and they cater to a wide variety of different marijuana products. Their staff is extremely helpful and nice. A good example is actually today, after purchasing a cartridge, I could not get it to work in my pen so I called them up and asked if they had suggestions/help and I was able to get it working just fine; I was just screwing the cartridge on the pen too tightly. Additionally they said I could come back to the store if I couldn't get it working, which is really nice of them. I'm glad to support local businesses and this is my preferred dispensary in the central Oregon area, I definitely recommend it to others.
I love the location in Bend so anytime I roll through Madras I make it a point to stop in, say hello to the friendly staff, and pick up some great product at a great price. Definitely my personal recommendation for anyone that lives in the area and is wanting to get some great product at a fraction of the price for what you would have to pay somewhere else. The Pre-Rolls have always treated me well and are priced excellent also! Big thumbs up!

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