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Went in today 3/18 after being a loyal customer, and made comment that it wasn't me on my i.d. while both me and the gentleman working laughed.. It wasn't until AFTER he showed me product that he said he wasn't comfortable serving me due to not knowing if it was me in the picture. If he had an issue, he needed to not show product and waste our time. Thanks to him, La mota got your $400 sale.
8 months ago
Service stinks here. Tried to over charge me multiple times,and not offer sale prices because they were slow! Call them out on it and ask about deals you are getting
2 months ago
The folks ARE nice! The prices are pretty reasonable and selection is good.
3 months ago
The fact that I can look up a menu before going to the store is awesome. They keep it well updated, and rarely have I ever gone in there and NOT found something listed; or at least similar to what I wanted when they don't have it... if that makes sense. Great staff, friendly, welcoming environment... what more can a Stoner ask for?
4 months ago
Extremely rude, pretentious A-holes. Snotty dark haired dude w/ ponytail/bun, definitely sealed the deal on more than 10 people, NEVER coming back into there. I will not be sending my patients to this location anymore.
5 months ago

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