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Ive been meaning to post this review for a while: Customer service is good from sales people but everytime im in there and the older woman (owner) is in there, my experience is less than one star. Pretty appalled by how ive seen her treat her employees, and she also lied to me and one or two other customers about TNA's CBD a couple weeks ago. Shes hardly there when im there but just the couple times have bothered me enough that i Wont be shopping here anymore, even though i like the selection and pricing better than place across the street. Ive seen her be disrespectful a few too many times to support that business now. Sorry to her employees, you guys do well and have decent knowledge and deserve much better treatment in my opinion. I thought weed often made people more compassionate? Shame because i was glad the mj plant was getting out to the public in lakeview.
a month ago
False perception of low prices...products are shown in various price ranges from very low to high.and the low priced seems to be sold out most of the time a lost leader to get you in. I find this manner of sale a corporate tactic ...and because it takes advantage of sick people who need they're prescription they are no different than Big pharmaceutical companies. Sad for people who are dissabled.
2 months ago
They be aight if say they where the only one in town. Their pre roll game is softer than Caitlin Jenner. They get the the stars for at least having some cool quotes on the wall.
4 months ago
This shop could probably be a four or five star if some key concerns were addressed but I don't really like the vibe I get in there, aside from the tacky interior designing(I do understand the look they are going for I just don't think it was executed well, at all), the whole shop felt under pressure and uneasy. I have been here several times, never been helped by the same person twice, always feeling like they are just trying to push me out the door as if my questions and time picking out a product are more of a bother than anything else, never consistent with recommendations or facts about cannabis, and just as much as everyone else in this town, I HATE that they wave down customers outside, especially when children are present. But I let it go and just kind of wrote it off as me being sensitive and decided to keep giving it a shot to grow on me. THEN I was in a few months ago and, I think it was the owner or manager(an older woman), came out from the back acting really mean and demanding to the employees(who were obviously trying to make the best of the situation) and disrespectful to the patrons. I had to leave without anything to try because it was so awful. Probably wont go back after all of that, unfortunately.
5 months ago
Hey Eric and Zach! New Amsterdam has a truly amazing team behind the counter. I had Eric and Zach take care of me and I left more than stoked. They kept me up to date on new product as well as sharing their favorites with us. I drove a little over an hour and this place made it oh so worth it. There's a little place across the street but I really wouldn't recommend them unless your just trying to maximize your limits. New Amsterdam is "THE BEST DISPENSARY IN LAKEVIEW." Thanks Again Eric and Zach you guys were real, real cool. Can't wait to return!
9 months ago

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