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One of the cheapest cannabis stores I've ever seen. Great ?
2 weeks ago
This was an awesome dispensary. The staff was great and we got to meet Him Belushi. Great day!! Amazing product!!!
2 months ago
Very nice people. Good prices. Samantha was a great help. I believe thats her name.
2 months ago
Very nice shop, smells wonderful! But not very educated on there products. Nice people though .??
3 months ago
Nice store. Has a drive through, wow! I was expecting a better selection but I was happy with what was available. No hats, just shirts for swag. The budtender seemed knowledgeable. My wife and my niece both thought she was flirting with me. My niece started it was to increase the sale. That seems reasonable, it didn't work. I don't live in the area, so I doubt I'll never be back there. Colorado is much closer to home.
4 months ago