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Love this shop. Great selection of products. The staff is very helpful and friendly. This shop just turned recreational about a month ago wait times may be long so have patience and BE KIND.
4 months ago
Changing my review as I said I would. Great bud tenders, over all good experience. Prices are decent. When I arrived I thought I was gonna be there for a long time cause how many people were there. Although I wasn't , maybe like 15 minutes I waited. Here's my least favorite part of this place, once I got back where I can actually look and buy, there was no looking. Just 2 lines straight to the register, I understand I could have looked around but I feel like a burden asking people if I can get through also they have a binder with the pot they have and what not. But I was super uncomfortable to be honest, it was way to packed with people to even look around at things . Honestly don't even know what they have there besides what the binder said. I wanted to look around and really get things I wanted, not something of off pressure. I say pressure because I felt pressured just to pick something quick and felt so nervous to even leave the line to browse. I'll have to try to come in a non busy time and day and check if it's different. I have social anxiety, and it was alot for me to get some pot. This is a great place though, I recommend to everyone since I've been in. Thanks for giving this town a dispensary!
3 months ago
Great staff, I won’t be hesitant to tell someone about this establishment. Or their customer service. Great price point. And always a great product Don’t be afraid to go inside and say I told ya so!!!
2 months ago
Locally owned laid back atmosphere and knowledgeable staff. The prices are good and the customer service is great. Definitely my first choice ??
2 months ago
I am grateful to have a dispensary in town. They all worked so hard to make it happen. The staff are very informative and go above and beyond. The prices are very reasonable. The wait time wasn't long at all either. Seems to be coming together nicely. Will recommend and will be back for sure.
5 months ago

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