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Great deals. Keep them in mind especially for edibles and concentrates.
in the last week
Visited this place 4 years ago and it was ok. It's a bit out of the way so hadn't returned until last night. A pretty decent supply of flower ranging from cheap to moderately spendy. Some top shelf choices too. (Also a fair amount of concentrate but not reviewing that here) Ounce prices from $50 - $150 Side note: No one should expect top tier buds for 50 bucks an ounce. Now and then I've lucked out and gotten something really tasty and strong for cheap. However that is the exception,not the rule. 50 dollar ounces are 50 dollars for a reason. I picked up an oz for 80 bucks. 25% thc with a nice smell and good taste. For you younger connoisseurs 80 bucks for a decent oz is a BARGAIN! Us older smokers paid 40-45 bucks an eighth for decades. Bottom line...Nice shop. Decent selection. Friendly staff. Range of price. I will be returning.
3 weeks ago
Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Great Service ??
a month ago
Really ticked off! So, I called them up and asked them if they had any good 50 dollars ounces, they say yes, at least 10! I'm thinking wow, great! So I go there, below is a pic of the best 50 dollar ounce they had out of the 10 they had for sale! Look, I know it's a subjective thing, but I personally would not trust or do business with people like this. We have a lot of options in Oregon, I suggest you people straighten your act up.
2 months ago
My wife and I found this place after being disappointed in a few other different places. Although the place is small, they always have a great variety of weed along with friendly service. Also love the points system because it gives incentive to come back.
4 months ago

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