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Don't expect them to ever be honest about their deals. I went at 10am when they opened for a special deal on the day it started and they said they were already out....They didn't have a single one of the special offer they had advertised to last TWO DAYS!!! They made zero attempt to make things right or offer a replacement. This isnt the first time they were shady about advertise deals, the New Year special was the same bait and switch game. Poor customer experience!
It's a long review so here's the TL;DR right up front. High prices, especially on concentrates (almost 2x cost of other stores). Iffy herb quality, Chong's Choice isn't worth it and avoid the house prerolls at all cost. Don't depend on them honoring any sales or special promotions, especially at the Hillsboro store. I've been to Shango Hillsboro 4 times, and each time I've left feeling dissatisfied. It's not the staff, in general they seem very friendly and helpful. It's the product and the prices that really helped me decide to never go Shango again. The mid tier bud I got was dry and didn't smell or taste great. The quality of the Chong's Choice varies, I bought an eighth a month after they opened and it was great, but my last purchase of it was extremely uninspiring. The house pre rolls are invariably dry, unpleasant tasting, and burn unevenly. The prices of the concentrates are outrageous. What Shango sells for $50-$70 you can get for $36-$60 dollars anywhere else. I'm talking the exact same brands, the same strains, the same potency. Finally, they seem unwilling to honor their sales and specials. Late February they had staff passing out flyers for a St. Patty's Day shatter/hash sale. Even though I disliked their product, I figured a sale is a sale so I called Shango Hillsboro on March 17, the day of St. Patrick himself. The staff member on the phone told me that their location was unfortunately not offering the sale on that day. I informed Shango of this via negative review on Facebook and they said it must have been some mistake. However, when I contacted the email address they gave me to resolve my complaint, nobody ever answered my email or responded to my followup message on Facebook.
I've been looking around town for a while now for a specific cartridge and Shango had it right in the front of the case. It was a relief when I finally find it. They have a great selection for a reasonable price. I'll definitely be going to them more often.
I shop here because it's not terrible, but it's certainly not nice. The staff are nice, don't get me wrong, it's the store. Total chaos, only one real spot to see the goods (what little selection there is) and then wait in line... Show ID twice because they can't keep up with their herding... There are so many nicer stores, but this one is conveniently located and not horrible like some of the others around.
I liked how clean and professional this shop was. The staff was helpful and friendly. I would definitely shop here again. The only thing I didn't like much was the one giant TV menu that scrolled. I would have liked to have a separate menu to look at before I headed up to the counter. That way once I got up there I could just order and pay. I felt like I needed to ask questions which if there was a couple paper menus around the place it might move more smoothly at checkout. Great shop though. Loved our budtender. I think her name was Tara. She was nice, helpful, and friendly. 2 thumbs up. ????

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