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There product has seeds, they said they had a "Good deal I went for it. You cannot hold or open the packages there and it is illegal to open it in your car. When I got home I found a tiny sticker stating "Disclosure: Bag contains seeds." What the hell how was that disclosed to me? hidden until I got home. Happy Veterans Weekend.
Sorry had to lower the stars. Again. Raising the prices on easy packs from 27$ to 35$ bad idea. I now go to another store (which I will not name) and get a quarter for 40$ of good kush rated at 19% THC. Nugs not shake or leaves.. Customer service is been ok. Consistency is important.
I work in the industry and visit many dispensaries. Shango offers knowledgeable budtenders that are very helpful when making a selection. Speaking of selection they have a very comprehensive selection of edibles, oils, and flower. Definitely check these guys out, with 5 locations 1 shouldn't be far away :)
Really nice staff but... super disappointed in the stores lack of variety and weak strains. Cool people but waste of money IMO.
I purchased a Shango brand cartridge and and battery from the Forest Grove location about two months ago. I've barely used the thing, and it stopped working. I didn't have the receipt anymore because I didn't expect anything like this to happen. But I took it to the Forest Grove location anyway, and they told me to go to Hillsboro since they didn't have the size I bought anymore. They called them first, and I was told to go see the inventory manager the next day, and they would "take care of me." I went to Hillsboro, and they refused to help me. I didn't go in there asking for a new full cartridge, even though mine was still had 75% of it's contents in it. All I wanted was for them to help me fix it at the very least. The Inventory Manager and the store manager did not even come out to tell me they wouldn't do anything themselves. They passed the info on to the clerk. The clerk that helped me was nice, and tried to give me tips, but it did not help at all. I refuse to go back to this shop again. I wasted $50 on a cartridge that worked 3 times. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone else either. Take it from someone that has never written a bad review for any other company in my life. They are the first.

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