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Overpriced compared to other stores in area. Go a few miles down the road and get way better prices. Hardly any bud choices under 15$, place down the road has grams for 8$ and they are smelly and tasty. When this place first opened to rec they where priced very competitively but now they are just as spendy, or more spendy than even the higher end Shango locations. Id say, shop around on Leafly before stopping in. When I used to shop here they served ommp and rec. Looks like they only serve rec now, most likely since they can rape everyone in price and rake in that $$.
Picked up a vape pen, great place. Neat and clean! Had a manufacturing problem with my purchase, went back same day and they were super courteous and flexible getting my hardware fixed. Great customer service, will certainly be back!
Amazing, friendly, knowledge staff. The shop is beautifully designed. I have been to 2 other local dispensaries and and found the staff at both of those places to be a little on the rude side
I was getting my medical at Mahalo. I went in on the 16th of the month (when I am supposed to get my medical) and they told me that they are not distributing medical there any more. They said someone was supposed to call me but they never did. They have my number and I have had the same number for 4 years. I was owed a Oz of medical and without any notice they stopped supplying my medication. They gave me a number to call and I left 3 message with no call back. I called Mahalo and told them the number they gave me to call about my medical never answers or returns my calls. Mahalo said they would call me back and never did. From my experience this is one of those places that doesn't care about medical patients or their customers. They're only in it for the money. The very least they could do is return my call and make up a reason why they sold my Oz owed.
great looking weed, smells decent. better prices than its competition in the wsco area. perfect location. drive from my house is 5 minutes or less, on bike about 10-15 min and a jog 15-30min depending on how committed you are ;]

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