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Walked in asked if they had any LAMBS IN SPACE (flower)...guy says we have never had it at this store.....I said I have bought it twice there?? He tells me he has worked there since they have opened and they have never had it??!! I'm not a difficult person not looking to argue about trying to purchase weed. Thanks but there are far to many places to purchase weed from!!! need to get out of CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! WON'T BE BACK ?
a month ago
They know there products!?? I was disappointed at first because I was counting on the product to work.?? I was on vacation and was counting on it. But I lived through it. When returned from my trip I was offered a full refund plus some!!! Finally found my 2 hit wonder. Thanks. Ill be back for sure!
3 months ago
I like that their website shows whats to offer and you can kind of know what you want before going in. Clean store and nice helpful staff. Its been the best experience out of all other dispensaries I've been to. Large selections too of all kinds of CBS THC products. I thought the prices were great.
5 months ago
I've been anxiously awaiting this store opening! Super cool interior, bright and colorful and fun. It made my shopping experience easy to understand and enjoyable. Tara was great!
6 months ago
FINALLY, I can get Pruf east of 205 !!! All of my older relatives live in deep SE, now they can shop for themselves without dealing with I-84. rather than scouring the menu and giving my grandma specific brand names to look for, I can trust that the high standards for chemical-free supply chains mean anything she tries will be potent and safe.
6 months ago

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