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I used to frequent this shop regularly but I've stopped because the quality of bud has gone down and prices have gone up. There are a couple of budtenders that are very helpful but the last couple of times the budtenders there haven't been ?? my last visit (just last week) there I had to ask for help and the weed was very leafy, just yuk. By the time I cleaned it up there was hardly anything good to smoke. So my 5star rating from 11 months ago has now gone to a 1star. The employees just aren't as friendly and helpful as they've been in the past. I have noticed alot of employees come and go, it's a shame the good ones are mostly gone.
a month ago
Fred you are awesome always loved when you were there it made everyone act right. Sometimes it sucked and rude attitudes were thrown my way but everyone has bad days. I look forward to my next visit there from Colorado. And I need a new shirt Fred! Lol
3 months ago
I did not like the way one particular employee treated me. I bought a defective product. I took it back in simply to tell them it was defective. I did not want any money back. I brought the remainder of my purchase for it to be sent back to the manufacturer and tested simply for quality control. The dude basically said that I was crazy and said that the product was fine. He said in the marijuana industry it is IMPOSSIBLE for mistakes to be made. I beg to differ; mistakes can always happen. Batches of distillate being mixed in with edibles can be heterogeneous if not mixed thoroughly. I have been smoking for 14 years and eat edibles weekly. This is the first time I’ve ever bought an edible that didn’t work in 10 years of buying edibles. I usually consume 2.5mg of THC and it knocks me out. I consumed 25 mg (TEN TIMES MY NORMAL DOSE) and felt zero effects. The guy behind the counter started preaching about his own medical problems and about how I’m crazy. They honestly think that mistakes are never made? They can’t just take the product I returned and say “thanks we’ll look into that”? That’s all I really wanted - to inform them. The guy behind the counter was missing his lower apparently he knows everything about marijuana edibles and is omnipotent when it comes to supply chain issues.
5 months ago
These guys are hands down the best in the cannabis industry! I have gone here several times and every time they answer all my questions are extremely friendly knowledgeable and all around amazing. Will not go to anywhere else in southern Oregon period!!!!! And shout out to the guy with all the tattoos you have never missed my military discount even when I forget to mention it!
6 months ago
I have mixed feelings about this one. I've gone in and had great experiences and other times have been super disappointed. Rude salesman and women but like I said on the other hand I've dealt with people who were up beat and positive. Wish it would be a pleasant experience everytime. I wouldn't recommend this dispensary not with so many better ones in and around town.
6 months ago

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