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Deshé isn’t just a farm or just a dispensary, it’s both! I’m sure by now you have been to many different and wonderful dispensaries, as have we, but have you ever gotten the chance to see the plants grow and the flowers bloom? At Deshé, there is a window, for customer viewing, right into our flowering room.

We pride ourselves on 50+ years of combined experience and knowledge in growing premium and clean cannabis. Our Processors are of the highest caliber and provide us with amazing concentrates, edibles and many other cannabis products.

Deshé is family owned and operated and we work hard to ensure we have the most current popular strains on the market at the best prices.  New cannabis and non-cannabis items are being added all the time. Come in and take advantage of our happy hour from 4pm-6pm, specials available daily.


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Happy Hour Savings
10% OFF
$5 Flower Grams
Military Discount - 5% Off
5% OFF
Last updated on Wednesday, September 18, 2019


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Other Reviews

Love this place, great deals, great product, great staff! Highly recommended!
3 weeks ago
I have been coming here for a while. I love both the guys that work there. Good bud for good prices. I prefer to go on Fridays when all flower is $5 grams
4 months ago
Love deche. Traffic getting there is usually pretty good and you cant beat their prices. Love them!!!
4 months ago
The flower they offer is top-notch! The competition will say anything to try and stop these guys. Don't be fooled! I highly recommend.
5 months ago
This off the track shop is one of the more unusual dispensaries in Clackamas, County. Unlike most shops that invest heavily in creating a hipster or modern atmosphere, Deshe doesn't pretend to be anything other then it is. A place you can get what you need and be out the door just the same as if you were stopping in at the local Gas N' Sip for a Coke. Located on the Second floor you'll find a long glass display case and a narrow isle running parallel along a back wall. And there you have it. Other then an ATM machine and a few promotional materials on the walls you won't find much else. That's what's so great about this place. It has an old school feel to it and brings up memories of high school. The staff is friendly and get to know you and your areas of interest. They have a good phone support but really need to invest in a website. I support all local shops and you should too. Tell them Pdog sent you. That's the secret code for discounts. Good luck.
5 months ago