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My first time was amazing, the people there was viry nice loved the place
Good selection. Staff is knowledgeable. They dont pre-package flower for sale. My customer service was great but the person with me wanted to make a seperate purchase and waa ignored.
This was my very First dispensary and it has left me with a great impression by far. The budtenders were very educated on their product and we're more than happy to help! Thanks guys! Future business for sure.
12/09/2016 My Husband asked me to return Select Line oil pen because he had a long day at work. I say, sure! then head over to Freash Cannabis. When I arrive I check in and and am able to head strate back. I'm greated by two employees, male and female. The male says, "how can help you!". I say "my husband was here yesterday and we're having issues with this product and would like to return it. He asks me what's wrong with it, I tell him and he said okay, with returns the manager has to be here and she left earlier in the day. I say, my husband was told that we shouldn't have a problem with any returns. I then say, "so are you telling me that I won't be able to return this product tonight? That's a lot of money, and I was wanting to pick something else out. He started to say that the manager would be in tomorrow. I said that that won't work for me. Is there any way to contact her? He looked kinda iffy, like he didn't want to bother her after hours. I then say, look after I leave here I plan to write a review and I would really prefer to write a good one. Is there anyway you can contact her? At that point the female budtender (Danielle) states, "reviews don't matter" I say "they do to me!" At that time the male budtender is on the phone and starts to ask me a couple questions about the oil pin, he then starts to relay the information to the manager. At that point I finish what I was saying to Danielle. I look at Danielle, "Mis, reviews matter greatly to me, I check reviews of places before I go to them and if there's bad reviews I don't take my business to them. She then says "the manger on the phone does not care about any reviews" "that it would not change her mind about anything" at that point the male budtender is off of the phone. I was then told by the male budtender that I could exchange the product but that my husband would have to be the one to return it. I said really? That's inconvenient. They both say at the same time that that is 'store policy.' I then say, okay, I will let him know and he'll be up here in a minute. I then look at Danielle and say "coustermer reviews matter greatly for small business and I hope your manager would care about what your coustermers think" Danielle must not have liked that and said, I'm not going to let you intimidate us with a bad review. I say. You should care that's- Danielle than says, DO YOU WANT BE 86'ed!?! She was freaking out. All I could think is why are you in customer service? (I wanted to say) "at this point I don't give a F*** because I'm never coming back! If this is how Freash Cannabis feels about their costumers opinions then I'm not bringing my business here again!) But because my husband still had to go back to return the Select Line oil pin, I said, look, I'm sorry. I'm Not trying to be 86'ed but reviwes do matter.. she then says I would have already been 86'ed if it was any of the other female budtenders. I was like, okay what's your name? She says, Danielle and I don't care if you know my name! (Still yelling) My boss is right there! (pointing to the male budtender) And he hasn't said anything about what I've said to you. The hole time this is going on he is saying shhh, its okay, its not that big of a problem. I look at him and say, he's been trying to colm the whole situation down after you started yelling at me about kicking me out of the store. I then say. Whatever, my husband will be in here in a little bit. There's more to the story, but I'm at the limit for this review.
Always welcoming and humble to there customers. As well as there selection of Dankness.

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