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I got three Harley Sue clones a couple months ago, fed and loved them for a couple months in veg, flipped them to flower and a week later I find out they are male plants. I spoke with the owner/operator after the initial review and he promises to make things right.
Hey Austin sucks to be you if you're complaining about tracktown being the ONLY med shop around. Thats the biggest reason tracktown is one of the best shops in town! Aside from the good meds at great prices.. Oh and the creators of the superdank Tracksticks! The ice cream! I can say i really miss the marys mellow x drinks you used to carry... Anyhow great shop with great prices. Austins just pissed he has to walk or ride his moms bike further to get his weed
Hey let me save you all the trouble, if you're not a "medical patient" you're not welcome here.
Sam is awesome and the deals are always there! The only dispensary I actually buy anything at!
Awesome meds. Awesome people. Awesome prices. I wont go anywhere else. Keep it up "Sam I Am". Glad you're back!