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I've been going there since they opened. I've bought numerous items spent a lot of money there. I purchased a pen there it was well over half full..the whole pen leaked through the bottom I go in today to chat with someone and they tell me the best they can do it give me 10% off a new one. Never going again.
This place has probably the nicest staff of any dispensary I've been to. Only problem is I'm a Dabber so I only buy BHO. When it comes to that their selection is pretty limited and the prices are fairly High , but if you are trying to get flowers then they have a great selection and competitive prices. All in all a good place to check out
Everyone there is so nice and very helpful. I've been in so much pain but not wanting to be prescribed pain medication. I went in and they were so helpful on finding me the right CBD treatment for me and at such a great price. I highly recommend going if you are in pain and also great for anxiety, insomnia, and so much more without the drugged up feeling. CBD is now my best friend. Lol Also I was so impressed about how professional and lovely it is there. Was like going to a herbal art gallery. :)
I LOVE coming to get my medicine LOVE all the staff everyone is very friendly and HAPPY. Every time I come in I always leave smiling and HAPPY because all the employees make me feel like family and that too me is the best way to be treated!!!!!
Today was my first visit to any dispensary, ever! I am a recreational user and not very knowledgeable. The staff was inviting, friendly, helpful and very informative, all with out making me or my husband feel like a fish out of water! We found a few edibles, a concentrate and they even gifted us each a newcomers pre-roll made from their house blend. AWESOME! We will definitely be back!