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A reliable destination for your recreation and relaxation, if your inclination is liberation!
a month ago
Mainly due to prices. Drive 2miles either direction and find half the price and similar quality.
a month ago
High prices, rude employees both in person and on the phone. Tried to tell me how wrong I was when making my purchase. Couldent wait to leave wont be coming back often if at all.
2 months ago
Don't bother, just another over priced yuppie place. Go literally anywhere else for a better deal and better vibes.
4 months ago
Unfortunately the manager has very little manager skills in hiring, communication and customer service. He does how ever know how to make a customer feel belittled.. also he does know how to waste patrons time. He said that my purchase was not in the system. But then tried to as well explain to his owner that the employee who sold me the wrong product for my pen no longer worked there. Then aggressively showed his best attempt at being the worst part of my day. I get the laws you have to abid by.. but your manners were just wrong. You plain just HURT my feelings. I hope you never get treated the way you treated me ..
6 months ago