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Moss Crossing is a cannabis dispensary with a compassionate, welcoming environment catering to the health and lifestyle needs of the local community.

“It’s not about getting high, it’s about being well.”

-Steve DeAngelo, cannabis industry leader and activist


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Other Reviews

Friendly neighborhood based dispensary tucked behind Friendly Street market. True to it's name the staff is extremely "friendly" and helpful. Location has a comfy waiting lounge with magazines and the dispensary menu. In the purchasing area, the left hand side has edibles, oils and medicinal rubs. Backside has bulk flower and the register. Right hand side has assorted pipes, bongs etc. The dispensary also has rewards program and a sales alert text message service available too.
"You ain't bossin if you ain't mossin" By far the best dispensary I've been to in Oregon and Colorado, quality quality quality. Friendly and very knowledgeable staff and top notch on all products. 10/10 would grow again. It's about the Terps you derps.
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Chill atmosphere. Great selection. Easily the best dispensary in town
Hands down one of the coolest places you can go in Eugene to fill your cannabis dreams! Always fast and friendly service with a smile!
They're a nice shop. Portlandy/Scandinavian aesthetic (think white and exposed wood). Prices seem in line with everyone else.