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Great place and very good staff. Products are nice and prices are pretty good.
4 months ago
Awesome prices and quality with knowledgeable bud tenders. Highly recommend.
4 months ago
Green Therapy and sister store Higher Ground have the best prices and options for budget flower. They usually have several strains under $2.00 a gram, even CBD heavy strains, and B buds, which are smaller buds from higher priced strains at a huge discount. Sometimes there is a bit of a line in the evenings but the staff and other patrons are great so always a pleasure to stop in and worth a short wait. Higher Ground is the sister store near campus on 12th and High. They also have the same great prices and specials, so check them both out.
8 months ago
Decent little place. Two rooms, but one is only a waiting room. The second has a few counters and some shelves behind them. Got some good deals on some bud. Was a great price for the quality, I am definitely happy with it. Wait was a little long, middle of the day. Customer service was great, speedy and polite. I was definitely satisfied with my visit.
10 months ago
Was my place to go, but I think they lost my business today. First off they took away their $82 ounces and on Friday's with the 25% off you use to be able to walk out of there with a great product for $63 out the door, and Secondly the last two times I've been there I found Allot of stems mixed in with popcorn buds and I'm not going to pay someone for their stems, I think they do that to make more money.
a year ago

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