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Top notch. Great product, good service, reasonable prices.
Couldn't answer any questions about the strains I wanted to know about on their shelf. To top it, I mentioned I was looking for C99 in seed or clone form and was told it wouldn't be a good choice for our area/pacific northwest. I laughed because I had been growing it here for years before I let the strain go to rotate in some new variety. I didn't mention this because he was still going on about how it was a horrible strain for around here. Saying if I did grow it, I would only get about 35% of the harvest that somebody would in southern California. He said the potency would be weaker too. He then (without skipping a beat) tried to push some strain on me that he again didn't really know anything about. "it's an Indica" and "it get's you really high" is all he had for me. SATIVA dominate. That's what I had been asking about. Same method of sales has been used forever. Talk trash and lie about what the customer came in for if you don't have it. Then, sell them something you do have. The information he was spewing was borderline retarded. I never talked about if I was growing indoors or out, but I have had great results with C99 both ways. I didn't buy anything and wouldn't go back either.
Best place I know of. Always treated nice, and the flower on the bottom shelf is better'n anywhere else!
By far the best shop in town. Best prices, highest quality, not to mention friendliest and most knowledgeable staff around. If I were another dispensary owner I would go here and take NOTES. The folks at Eugreen genuinely care about making sure you leave with the exact product you need. Big shout-out to Trevor and Chris for giving me five-star customer service and to Brian for being an engaged and caring owner. Y'all are awesome and I can't wait to blow through this Kosher Tangie and Critical Mass so I can come visit again.
In order of importance: Best customer service in town. Best selection in town. Highest quality products in town. Most consistently dank products in town. Best prices in town. There is nothing I wouldn't recommend this dispensary for and there isn't anyone I wouldn't recommend this dispensary to. If you need the highest quality & best priced bud in town, not to mention an extremely friendly & knowledgeable staff, there is no where else to go than Eugreen. Period.