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Friendly staff and great deals on mondays and Tuesdays
2 months ago
Good prices, nice staff, not very many options on good bud (compared to other shops) all the time.
3 months ago
They need to be watched when weighing up your flower. They will under weigh then try to sell to you fullprice. Superviser saw everything and said nothing. Next time it happends theyll be reported.
3 months ago
Great prices and sometimes you'll find fire bud on the bottom shelf!
4 months ago
Want to give it no stars but the have good deals on bud once in a blue moon, they have lied to me bout the product they sold me 2 differnt times, the showed me one product and sold me a much lower quality one instead, and they mislead me about the hern products they haf in stock, and just recently sold me a broken cartridge that shot a mouthful of dab out the mouth peice, they saud they exchange it and said they couldnt cause there was to much product gone like i hit it one time and then had dab coating my mouth, Proably the 2nd worst dispensery after sweet tree
6 months ago

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