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Great service great products. The points system is awesome. Keep it up
Was in about three months ago and was second in line. I waited for about ten minutes as the workers were busy doing things. A few groups walked in and started looking in the displays. When the workers asked who was next they immediately jumped at the opportunity to "cut" even though I had been waiting and the workers knew it. A little common courtesy goes a long way. Also, the worker I was helped by just asked "what do you want?" instead of something like "Hey man, how's it going tonight? What can I get going for you?" Just seemed like it was ran by a few people who need more training. Or at least the workers needed more training. I'll give this place one more try. If I have another issue, then I will take my business elsewhere. As far as the location and the premises go, the experience was nice, the displays and counters were clean.
Tried a half dozen places, this is the one. Seriously, nice knowledgable people, nice selection of everything you can currently get and they told the truth about what you can legally buy. Prices were the best as well..This is the place.
Everyone that works here is great. They're all so friendly and make your experience more than just an exchange in medicine. They genuinely enjoy building and maintaining relationships with their customers.
Everyone who works there is really nice but I went in and asked for a gram of hash and my fiancé asked for a gram of hash. We specially said we were not interest in half grams, only grams. Never got to read the packages. They just showed them to us. We asked if they were grams and were told yes. We paid what we pay for grams at our home shop. One thing of Om extracts and spent $37.50 and one thing of lunchbox sugar shatter which was $25 and was supposed to be a sale price. We didn't really think anything of it because we were told they were grams and that's we pay for grams of the same brand extracts at Amazon Organics. The guy who helped us was really nice so we thought it was fine but got home and couldn't help but feel completely ripped off when we opened them and knew they were not grams by looking at them. Then we see on the package it said half gram on both of them.

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