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I really love the quality and selection of products here. I was initially put off by the price point, but after seeing exactly what they were offering and what was available, it quickly became a non-issue. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for something a little bit nicer than average
in the last week
This is my Mecca! There is no other dispensary as cheap anywhere else. 5g concentrate sugar sauce + 1 oz of 21 percent flower for under $120 out the door! Yes, it's true! Great service as well.
2 months ago
Ive been to many dispensaries in my life time round the world depending on the city the state the country all differ. I truly believe part of a successful business are the employees .They can be a deal breaker good or poor customer service. The prices are a cut above competition. They do carry a variety of stock most are well informed and if they do not know they will gladly tell you.The other items for sale from concentrates to Imbibing tools are priced fairly. Ounces range from 50$ to over 100$ they do have quality herb .The employees were friendly open and super understanding about budget. ALEX who helped me out was an outstanding example of what bud tenders should be all about amazing guy.Kudus and props as well to the hostess she was extremely welcoming .Thanks for everything .Stop by and visit this dispensary its located within a huge old victotian home .Good vibes next to the University of Oregon great location.. parking limited but free . Can easily be seen from the street. Positive atmosphere clean organized friendly prices good quality products I reccomend this dispensary Cannabliss .enjoy
2 months ago
BUYER BEWARE. Overpriced product with hidden taxes. Most places have taxes included; not here. Expect a surprise when you go to pay. Prices are not what they seem. Medical prices are being used as if available to everyone. Some call this fraud. At lest very misleading.
3 months ago
They consistently have solid quality weed available on their $50/o shelf. Prices are better on edibles and such than a lot of places in town as well. There's a lot of staff, a few of them can be a little chatty or seem confused/lost over pretty basic stuff but for the most part they are helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. It's one of the better dispensaries in town for sure.
6 months ago

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