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Awesome, friendly, reasonably priced. Our tender was wonderful and pleasantly answered all our questions. We’d buy from here again.
in the last week
The 'baby' plant - $12.50 - is gorgeous, but their bud is always dry, in my experience. Maybe different storage cannisters? Or just use Boveda bags, like I do, to restore the humidity in the bud.... I'd like to come back but this is a theme, after 3 visits.
a month ago
Love the staff! They're always knowledgeable and have great suggestions. There wad one guy, one time...couldn't tell you his name, but he was adorable! Haven't seen him since. Still...great staff, great prices!
a month ago
Saw their main sign outside and wanted to call about their menu and spoke to Sarah. I asked: “Could you tell me more about your vegan menu? I’m interested in possibly coming in.” Got a rude response of “ what would you like to know?” I responded with: Um, can you just tell me more. We went back forth on this for a minute. I was completely appalled, it as if I had to pry to get info out of her. it flower? Edibles? Drink .. Jesus Christ. Will never come in.
2 months ago
Prices are a little high. There is better competition by far. You just have to go a mile further into town. They guarantee their products but their receipt printer doesn't work. Interesting enough, but I return policy requires the receipt. Totally fascinating concept. Employees don't listen well. When you ask for a gram of oil and they sell you a half gram of oil, and you go out of the store and open the package trusting that you're getting what you asked for. When you come back in to return it after you figure out what went wrong, oops no receipt. We're done
5 months ago

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