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This is a one stop shop! The staff is always so helpful and the prices are great on glass and smoke! My go to place now for sure. Thanks Green room for being awesome to a new comer!
a year ago
My experience in this store was my best ever at a dispensary. Very friendly and helpful but not in an in your face kind of way. I have tried edibles from several stores in this area of Oregon and have been very disappointed in the quality. To the point of questioning if there was any THC at all. Not today. Today I have zero doubt that their gummies definitely have THC in them. Without a doubt, I will be back.
2 weeks ago
Yo, these folks have top notch stuff and there's a a nice vibe to the place, which is made from the people, don't ya know. They had a perfect product for me, an extensive list, and people who knew their stuff! Loved it. Will be back.
a month ago
Awesome knowledgeable staff, great selection; including vegan edibles.
2 months ago
I would give more stars, but here is my experience. I am a medical patient and have been buying medical items from here since August when I moved here. For some reason, I trusted they were doing the math right and never thought to question it, until I went in the other day on a budget and had a specific amount. I knew medical patients don't pay tax, which is 20%. So an item that says rec price $25 should cost a med patient $20. I was told it would be $20.85, and an item that is $20 should cost a med patient $16, but instead they charge you $16.67. I am not sure what kind of math is happening here but for some reason they are not giving medical patients the full tax off amount, and for that, I have to give two stars. I don't like feeling ripped off and that is how it felt once I realized this had been happening to me for months. It's simple math, I wish they would make this right for me because it is very discouraging. I have almost every receipt showing this also.
8 months ago

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