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Extremely pleasant and helpful staff, and the prices are fair. This is the kind of dispensary where the staff actually care and you get what you want.
I will never go back to Beaver Bowls. The staff was nice, but it doesn't make up for their outrageus prices. Good luck finding decent bud for under $14 a gram. And don't even bother with the pre-rolls. They advertise a price but they fail to inform you they're ripping you off by half a gram. I asked for a pre-roll, not a roach. This is why I will always go to CCC
Love the staff and the overall experience. Great owners and management to work for! Friendly inviting knowledgeable staff, along with great seating while you wait! Short wait times fast paced as long as other customers are prompt and courteous. Large selection & great prices!!! Come visit! You can't go wrong!
Love the staff! The people that are out front are my favorite. Very friendly! Also it's nice to talk to people that know what they are talking about when it comes to the product.
One of the most welcoming and friendly environments I've ever experienced. The staff are super helpful and knowledgeable. Great selection of products for both recreational and medical patients. This is the only place I will be going to when I'm in town!