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Best place in town to get recreational/Medical products.... Great Atmosphere with Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.. Plus the prices ain't to bad either
Your particular brand of "Professionalism" is hurting YOUR P&L, not mine. Professional would be maybe finding out what happened, why the customer feels the way they do ? I assume all this is lost on a child doing and adult's job, AGREED that there are many other dispensaries..... TOO many to treat ANY customer with anything less than respect. You have turned a few people away from you through your "professional as possible" approach.
Absolutely the rudest people I have ever dealt with. And they only seem to have good prices on the medical side not the recreational side I will never ever ever ever ever come back to this place ever. The better choice is Herbal Choices.
Staff is knowledgeable, friendly, generous and honest with recommendations. Staff makes up for out of the way location, and parking difficulty during peak hours. Location is clean, bright, staff weighs flowers in front of customers. SCCC is also stringent about following regulations no matter how onerous they may be. I appreciate the dedication and seriousness they apply to preserving the new rights for everyone.
Whether you are medical or are there for recreational purposes, you will leave fairly satisfied. Being a grower myself, I personally like to ask the staff sometimes challenging questions to probe their knowledge of their product. for the most part all the ladies in there know what they are talking about; They will let you know if they do not know, and try to find the best answer for you.. I always go there for Oil; Oil is very expensive per gram.. I think the prices need to come down, but as long as people pay the ridiculous prices asked prices will likely stay the same.

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