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Oregon Bud Company (OBC) is proud to be a leader in the legal cannabis industry. By featuring only the most carefully cultivated strains under the watchful eye of expert growers, OBC delivers beautiful bud with the highest THC content at the absolute best value around. On July 14th, Oregon Bud Company-Clackamas opened for business. You can browse our complete strain and edibles menu on WeedMaps and Leafly. We also invite you to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and our website for exclusive deals and specials to our fans and followers.


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Other Reviews

The best place to go to for my weed and cartridges the staff is fantastic and everything has an old western feel to it and the location is amazing.
Was highly disappointed to not find any Oil/dabs there [no pun intended] Clearly they live up to their name and only have bud there. Staff was cool and the place looks like an old western bar or something which was pretty neat but no oil in a recreational Cannabis store? damn bruh!?!? So I guess due to the regulations its been a headache for the processors to get licensed so that's the reason for no oil. That being said I have been to this store 3 times now and each and every time their jars are almost empty with nothing but pretty much shake, NO NUGZ. That's unacceptable to me if I wanted shake I would just by pre-rolls which btw they didn't even have any on my last visit. NO Nugz, no pre-rolls? But hey they got all the stems you could ever ask for! Not returning to this store even if the location is convenient right next to Free Meyer's in Clackamas.
Small over groomed buds. Let me wait twenty minutes in just to find out they didn't have any cartridges. And to top it off, overpriced.
The look, the feel, the divine humans who work here, the prices are all on point. One of my favorites in all of PDX.
For about two years I've been going to medical dispensaries in California but had to move to Oregon. when I heard they legalized recreational weed I was ecstatic and decided to give this place a try. In terms of quality Id say its above average since they carry a lot of popular strains (Yoda, Blue Cheese, NYPD, critical mass, Bruce Banner.. etc) however they don't have much of a selection having only 4 or 5 strains available at a time. Their edibles are not very effective if you are an experienced user. Overall the customer service is friendly and the open atmosphere is a nice change to the usual guarded scene you see in your average medical dispensary. Its nice I can go in show my ID and buy it like a normal product rather then be greeted by armed security and have to deal with long wait times.