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Last updated on Thursday, August 31, 2017


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Great prices quality products. Nice staff
3 months ago
Loved it, we pulled in at almost closed. The budtender was still patient and knew his weed and wasn't condescending like some budtenders I've experienced. Their weed is good the alpha black was a little hard but the dog cookies are a strain to pick up. Also in this area Jager Frost is in just about every spot so shop around.
2 months ago
Came here and was by far the best experience I've had. The gentleman at the counter was extremely kind and helpful. When I went in there was a bit of a wait but it's fine because I had time to browse and look at thier section of items. He made sure to thoroughly help the people before me and me as well, personally I'd rather be well informed as well as wait a bit longer. I even learned a bunch of things I didn't know!
3 months ago
Totally chill dispensary amazing deals. I had such a good experience at this dispensary I am a forever customer. Chanel was the best!
a month ago
This is my go to spot in town, great hours open later than other shops and they got the good medication at good prices. Friendly staff always on top of knowing what each strain has to offer. Check them out sometime.
6 months ago