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The bud tenders are well informed and friendly. The prices are extremely competitive and the discounts they offer for seniors and veterans make shopping there both fun and thrifty. I recommend West coast Organics to friends and visitors to our area.
Since I'm a medical patient I spend a lot of money here. They have some of the best bud and oil for the price I've seen in the state. My experience today has made me think twice about returning however. I was "helped" by a girl I haven't seen before named Cassidy and she was extremely catty, combative, and argumentative. She insisted on arguing with me on and on about something that was a matter of OPINION... Instead of just letting me have my own opinion. She was very rude and ruined my day. It took everything in me not to just start yelling at her right there in the shop. Melissa on the other hand is sososo sweet. Next time I'm going to pop my head in and if I see Cassidy, I'm going to the next shop. She needs to learn how to treat customers properly, especially medical patients (some of us require a lil extra patience and kindness).
Love your products. The ladies are fabulous. Thanks!!! ????
This was my first time at West Coast Organics and I was very happy with my experience. The staff there were very knowledgable and accomidating. I appreciated the welcoming environment and not feeling rushed at all. There was also a great selection and I found just what I was looking for. Thanks ladies!
First time at West Coast Organics and I am definitely a repeat customer now. Every staff member is absolutely friendly and professional as well as very knowledgeable with all the products. The products they carry are awesome and they will help you find what's best for you. Great place, great staff and lots of products to choose from!!!! 5 STARS to the Sativa Divas at West Coast Organics! Thank you for taking care of my husband and I!