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Bought a pre roll for $10 ( I usually get them for $3.00 in medfor .) It was 28% THC so I figured it would be a banger... wrong. First it canoed so bad It wouldnt smoke. But a 10 dollar gram better knock my cap off. Nope. Smoked it all.. not even buzzed. Most disappointed I have been since being in Oregon. Yeah I got a pic of it. there is no way this is 28% I have gotten higher off of 18%... garbag .
2 months ago
I love this place! Great products
7 months ago
Josh is super helpful. Made great recommendations, both for products within the shop and for other shops in the area. Reasonable priced and generous discount programs. Smaller shop with limited selection. Excellent service.
a year ago
They have a great selection and very friendly atmosphere
a year ago
I usually have had a positive experience with this business establiment. The last time I visited I had the most disrespectful experience I've had in a long time from a business. I have spent around 1000$ in total with them over a couple of years and I recently even spent 300$ so they had been getting my business. I was on a vacation and was waiting for a friend. I decided to just wait here because of the relaxed atmosphere. I bought a drink they offered and asked if I could drink it in their lounge. The guy (josh) said I could so I started to drink it while sitting in the lounge. Some time passed and I was minding my own business not bothering anyone and she told me I couldn't hangout there because it's a business and not a place I can just lounge about. I told her they did have my business because I'm a returning customer and I am a well paying customer and she told me I still had to leave. Is this how they treat well paying customers? I wondered if I can return the 300$ worth of products unopened I recently did business with them for. This is an unprofessional business with employees who do not respect the customers who do business with them. I want a sincere apology from that girl who kicked me out before I would consider this business worth a cent more of my time or money, I was going to buy 300$ more today, but I guess it will go to someone who values my business and doesn't treat me like I'm a homeless person who they need to swat away from sleeping on their benches.
2 years ago

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