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They have $16 grams. That would be $7200 a pound, minus taxes- $5800. A normal mark up is 50%. Do you think they are paying farmers $2900/lb? The answer is definitely not, but they sure do pay all their vendors represented by corporate backing the standard price, with a standard mark up. This place is floating by taking advantage of customers and farmers. Period.
3 weeks ago
They have good sales, so just call everyday and see if they are running them. I will never pay over 70 dollars for an ounce. The staff are friendly and knowlegable.
2 months ago
These guys take the cake! Awesome knowledge... Great selection,great prices at any price point. Out of the 50+ shops I've been through this is by far top 2. Enjoy! ??
4 months ago
The employees are very friendly and willing to help you if you have any questions. They understand not everyone who walks in will have knowledge on marijuana. Every time I've been in, they've walked me through anything I was curious about. Not to mention the place is clean and professional.
4 months ago
Love them! This is the only place I go and I always go once or twice a month, they're always really helpful and super chill. They make it a fun experience and there's always great deals. I highly recommend them.
7 months ago