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Great deals! Great staff!
Very affordable and a wide variety of hemp based body care products. Terrific service and affordable for all budgets.
Great quality products. Staff is so knowledgeable about their products. Really helpful. You don't feel pressures into buying something you don't want. They know their return clients by name and remember what they have gotten in the past. They ask how it worked for them or if they would like to try something else. They try to get a product in for medical patients that works for that particular patient. They really care about their clientele.
Good strains, good quality... they even have a few different levels of quality if you're on a budget (I went for the premium ones which were delightful). Service was friendly, just a little slow with the setup they have.
They have to be the friendliest group I came across on my entire sales trip through the area last week . The owner was super cool and all the employees were smiling . the customers seemed to be very happy to be in the store shopping. All in all a good experience and I will be stopping in theatre the next trip through brookings. By far the best shop in the area and I stopped at all of them on this trip.