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Other Reviews

My wife and I were in from out of state and checked out the local shops in Brookings. None compared. We needed and received a quick education and had a million questions.-all were patiently answered. High tide had a great selection across the board-and good prices. Great friendly staff too.
Amazing very knowledgeable, helpful staff!! Great large wonderful selection! Clean. Large. I can't say enough good about the place.
Great staff!! Always helpful and have helped me enormously to navigate from opioids for my chronic pain to natural and healthier ways of managing my pain. They're always willing to answer questions and spen time to help you in any way. Happy too they are animal friendly and will not make you leave your service/companion animal outside.
No need to shop anywhere else. Gave them my budget and got me the best deal they could. Just came for a few grams and got a whole lot more.
Great quality products. Staff is so knowledgeable about their products. Really helpful. You don't feel pressures into buying something you don't want. They know their return clients by name and remember what they have gotten in the past. They ask how it worked for them or if they would like to try something else. They try to get a product in for medical patients that works for that particular patient. They really care about their clientele.