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Super helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable staff, right next to Market of Choice as well!
Very helpful group with the knowledge I needed to focus on my anxiety naturally without affecting my day to day .
I feel like I'm hypercritical and faster to talk trash then send praise. However the staff is super cool. I wish they were my friends! Doesn't really matter because I honestly feel like when I walk in that door I'm part of the family. On top of that behind the counter they sure do know like what feels like everything in the wide world of herb. Everything I've got there has been great. Bought a glass piece there for 20$ it's a survivor I'll tell you that after dropping it a few feet! (Highly not recommended) only place I'll shop at. 100/100
Our favorite place in town! Everyone is knowledgeable and helpful. Super comfortable.
Loved this place! We made a few awesome purchases and had great service. Reasonable prices. Cute and clean place.

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