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Staff is nice so they get 2 stars. Products are decent, but prices are some of the highest in town.
Never had a bad experience. Occasionally budtenders can get a bit pushy, tying to sell product that they want off the shelves.
Nice helpful staff. Good medical & recreational herb.
Yup. Third time's the disaster with this greasy bunch of counter puppets. Twice the vape pens broke, twice I was told, "oh dude we don't even carry those anymore because they NEVER worked." Ok then Einstein, knowing that there's a literally GALAXY of other stores who are willing to take my $1500 (estimated) yearly business will you replace the pen or, trick question, will you try and upsell me another device? Never been a fan of the upsell. Especially when the kid across from me is so high he can barely keep his face on straight. Buyer beware, the Starfish folks are idiots at best. Drug addicts at worst. Give me a nice clean location with informed staff who treat the customer like a customer and not like a sucker.
I feel like I'm hypercritical and faster to talk trash then send praise. However the staff is super cool. I wish they were my friends! Doesn't really matter because I honestly feel like when I walk in that door I'm part of the family. On top of that behind the counter they sure do know like what feels like everything in the wide world of herb. Everything I've got there has been great. Bought a glass piece there for 20$ it's a survivor I'll tell you that after dropping it a few feet! (Highly not recommended) only place I'll shop at. 100/100

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