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Tons of catty bitches work here. Was in one night and an elderly lady made a purchase and left, after that these complete idiots that work there started making fun of her pants. While I'm sitting there waiting to be helped. Their conversation lasted quite awhile. I will never ever return to the herb center. Go to bloom well down the street. Total professionals over there.
This is my experience after about 15 visits. Prices started out great. The staff were helpful. The next week, the entire staff changed... ok, still not bad. Two weeks later, prices go up and the staff was re hired... again. This process is still on going. Prices keep going up as well. I remember paying 25 dollars for what is now 45 which is insane. I haven't been in there for a few weeks since I found another place at the 25 dollar mark, but after I was in there so often, I don't see it changing. Hopefully, it finds a staff that it can trust or work out whatever is going on. The last time I was in there, the staff was so inadequate about their information on how product was made. They were just throwing out answers. At one point, the girl talking to me just gave me a blank stare like I broke her for a second. Or maybe she just wanted me to stop asking questions haha. Either way. That paired with the now insane prices made me not want to go back.
What a store! Great service and product! Plus their prices are the best in town. You can get an 1/8th of product for less than $30, good luck finding a deal like that else where in town. By far my favorite place to get herb from.
Best place in Bend period. I will admit that I have found better bud at other places around Bend, but it will cost you an arm and a leg. Average price for 8th here is 20$. I have been to 95% of all the other places in town and they all want at least 35$ for the same or less quality bud. The Herb Center also has a very attractive and personable staff of both men and women, always polite and quick as possible since the store is always packed.
always have good choices and are expanding to service both recreational and medical markets - good choice north of downtown

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