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They have good prices, if you want to wait 20-30 minutes to get to the counter and then be treated like a nuisance. My problem is the bud tenders, they aren’t friendly and when I ask questions they look at me like I’m annoying them. I’ve even had the tenders talk bad about their own products, not a vibe I want when purchasing anything, ever.
a week ago
I love this dispensary. The only problem I had was the fact there were two older gentleman who held up the line for literally 20 minutes.It was very rude because there was the first guy who called up the second guy, who just cut in front of everyone.By the time I got to the front of the line there were like 15 people behind me. The line went all the way back to the door. They should have some sort of time limit. Anyways they have decent prices and very good weed.
a month ago
I used to be a medical patient here not long after it opened. Sense they became a recreational store and expanded they have lost their Intimacy and consideration for the customer. I feel as if there are college students with no knowledge I've cannabis being but tenders and I need Someone with medical knowledge and understanding and in depth cannabis training. There are long lines and you Always end up feeling very rushed by the Bud tender, Ending up with limited time to browse. As one of the first thousand patients, I no longer find value in this store or feel valued besides having later hours than most.
2 months ago
I will never spend another dime at this place. I have wasted my money on product with mold and full of seeds multiple times. Could be due to the fact that their flower is improperly stored and likely sits on the shelf for far too long. Certain members of the staff always have an attitude, are absolutely rude, and unprofessional. I've never experienced worse customer service. They have no actual knowledge about their own products. I have personally over heard the staff advising a customer they could give their dog a product dosed for humans. This is a dangerous lack of common sense. The entire store is disorganized and staff have to run back and forth to find what you are asking for. If you are looking for a quick one gram stop then go somewhere else because you will be in line for 20 minutes. If I was you, I would travel 2 blocks up the road and hit up Substance. Way more worth it. It seems as though the THC staff and managers dont actually care about customers, just the money in their pockets. They might have "the best prices in town" but the phrase, you get what you pay for, rings true for this establishment.
2 months ago
The Her Center is great! Soon after my visit I find my self at Taco Bell. My 2 favorite happy places, and all is well with the world. Before The Herb Center???? ????, after The Herb Center???????. (Essential for menopause).
2 months ago

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