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This was my first experience with this store. The layout was quite uncommon, with aisles of glass cases showcasing the inventory by product type. Flower is prepackaged with a "sample jar" of each strain to see and smell. Virtually everything has a label to clearly identify its price, promotions, percentages and source. The store is designed so a customer can browse with a budtender or be independent while making their purchase decision and really take the time to linger while browsing every category of merchandise. With an extra 20% discount for medical patients and professional/cheery staff, I couldn't have been happier with my experience. Deacon was cordial and helped me get through my transaction quickly without making me feel rushed or pressured to buy anything in particular. My husband suggested the stop for a new year's treat and it absolutely was.
3 weeks ago
Great addition to the family. I notice this location usually has a broader selection of vape cartridges, or at least retains better inventory than the other two. Grace is one of my all time favorite budtenders, I know she's been with Substance for a while and has always been great and in-game with her customer's needs.
2 months ago
Amazing folks, decent prices but never riff raff. Their honest, knowledgeable and if you want it - they'll leave you alone!! 5 stars every visit!
4 months ago
apologies, i didn’t realize i had clicked 2 stars when i meant to hit 5. every experience at Substance is amazing and the staff is beyond friendly. having options displayed through glass throughout the entire store makes it easy to make a selection and view product even if the business is busy. the selection of concentrates is the main reason i visit, but love the flower as well. the price shown is the price out the door as well! that’s awesome for a recreational user, since i don’t have to calculate the 20% taxes included to the price. easily give this location and the Division location a 5/5.
5 months ago
Solid dispensary. These guys are so nice every time i am in there. It is so great to see them down on the south side of town now. I cant believe i used to buy tools in that building and now i get awesome weed at a great price. I can totally walk there from my house! I also need to give a shout out to the awesome dab fridge with some awesome extracts inside.These guys and gals know there stuff. Weed and Richards donuts, an amazing combination!
7 months ago

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