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A little bit pricey, but good quality. The preroll section is stocked with plenty of variety, and all of them burned well. The bud tender gave helpful suggestions, and even recommended some cool local places to explore. Very convenient location as well.
2 months ago
Substance, What has happened??? you were my FAV weed store.. you used to have a super friendly staff and great prices on flower. last two times I've been in there, all new staff. NOT FRIENDLY, and suddenly no more good deals on flower WAY TOO much competition around for bad service and overpriced bud. loved your old layout WAY Better too sorry but moving along
3 months ago
Absolutely horrible experience went to the empire store which close 12 minutes early tried calling but was on able to get any of their stores to answer the telephone they just ignored us so we raced at their other location and were there five minutes before closing where the guys lock the door right in front of my face and told me he could not help So I guess even Though I know for a fact they have till 10 o’clock to help you legally 10 o’clock is not a realistic closing time for them and don’t expect any customer service near closing time very disappointed been a loyal customer since they opened and have spent thousands of dollars there But was discarded because people want to close early
4 months ago
Kind of weird I got on here expecting to see the owner's response to mine regarding the new remodel for my wife who is disabled and saw that my review is actually gone and so is quite a few of the others regarding your Remodel and are just met in it. So I guess I'll ask the question again why? It's very difficult for disabled people to move around my wife has been there for years and they loved it but now it's very overwhelming and very difficult for her neurological issues as well as people with wheelchairs Etc really wish she hadn't changed it we've heard a lot of negative about it but the weeds good.
4 months ago
Awesome selection, friendly, helpful staff, more than fair pricing, and takes care of it's medical roots...5 stars! This place started as Bloom Well... I still have one of their original jars they gave us... It has maintained that local feeling and had never forgotten it's medical roots. For this, I now tip my hat in this and the sister store on Empire as my favorite Central Oregon Dispensary. While many other places have moved away from the people that carried them into existence, Substance remains a loyal friend and true... Kudos!
6 months ago

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