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Good service, clean store, smells great. The apparel looks really nice but I didn't get any. Their graphic designers do some nice work!
While visiting I made it clear that I wasn't going to purchase anything for various reasons and just wanted a run down on anything I asked about. Dylan was the budtender that was helping me and he was extremely knowledgeable in every aspect about marijuana. Whether is ranged from vape pens to flower to edibles to concentrate, Dylan knew what he was talking about and passionately elucidated all the effects he personally felt from the different types of marijuana consumables. Not only that, but he told me about certain Oregon laws that I was not aware of that we're quite profound. All in all, great shop with a clean aethestic, knowledgeable budtenders, quality products, and a fair to high price range. If on a budget, I would look elsewhere, but if you're in for high quality bud in any form, this is a solid place to go. Stay lifted :)
Favorite dispensary in all of oregon, in house is all organically grown indoor. My only complaint is that i wasnt able to try out all the amazing strains you had on display. More full melt water extracts (ice wax) would be nice to see on the shelves as well.
Originally it was a great place to walk into. But the company is very money driven so they have really high prices when they dont need to. Also now that the people that started the business sold everything. I fear its going down hill at least in the quality. The prices will most likely stay the same even though they wont have the same products they had. The head growers leave because of the direction Oregrown is going. That only tells you its a bad direction. I fear money is the motive for this company now and not actually healing people. Hence the prices already to high.
Why anyone would go anywhere else is beyond me. I would drive from Redmond to go to this place. They are the most knowledgeable & confidential dispensary with huge selection. Still personal by the way I should add. Figuring out what I need, not trying to up sell me which I hate. Classy place. Pricing is competitive. You get a sense of "I'm so cool" and "you are lucky I'm helping you" vibe at so many of the other dispensaries. Oregrown is humble. It makes me happy to work 10 doors down!

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