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Ok so here's the thing. Why do you not have an ATM? If you run a cash business and take only cash, then you should provide a means for your customers to get cash. (Since it would directly benefit you and your customers) There are literally hundreds of dispencaries in Bend! I was reffered to the ATM @ Wells Fargo which is a couple doors down, but Wells Fargo sucks; and so does paying them 3$ for cash. Please get an ATM. Otherwise you will loose my patronage.
Consistantly good product and service by knowledgeable and friendly staff. Cash only.
The prices here are ok for recreational but for medical and veterans they aren't. Veteran discounts do not stack with normal discounts like every other store does, the staff is unknowledgeable and their product is commercialized in pre wrapped containers which are inaccurate in weight. I've bought flower 3 times there that was pre packaged and each time they have been light by 1 -1.5 grams. That means I'm being ripped off. The location is its own brand of horrible time. It's right at an intersection meaning you must fight traffic to get into the driveway. The staff was friendly enough but very uneducated about their product. It's clear that the only requirement for this locations employment is a highschool diploma. Get better product, location, stop ripping people off and educate your staff. Otherwise, a great store!
What a great place! Walked in to two smiling faces that were very welcoming. The budtender was knowledgeable and quite friendly. I will definitely be coming here more often. I won't forget my cash this time though! Would rate this place five stars if they weren't cash only, or had a free atm for that matter. The closest atm is the Wells Fargo no more than five minutes down the road, and it charges you $3 for the withdrawal.
I absolutely LOVE IT there! We stopped in while on a short trip to bend and fell in love. They have an awesome selection to choose from and the prices are great! We always end up in there when Syndra is working and she is one of the main reason we keep coming back!