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Dishonest company that won’t publish their bad reviews. Y’all give the whole industry a bad name with your shady practices. If anyone actually sees this, don’t support.
in the last week
Got a tasty cookie that was LITERAL COOKIE DUST. Bought flower that was full of lead and stem when the sniff jar was all bud. I’ve had nothing but bad experiences here and the management refuses to change anything! whoever is in charge is delusional in such a flooded market to think they have a chance with the schwag they have on their shelves. Seriously take your money elsewhere!!
a week ago
BAIT AND SWITCH. Doesn't have actual product out to see. When they say “we keep it behind counter”, then show it to you, you agree, then they take that away and weigh up something totally unacceptable and sell it to you as it’s what you just looked at and agreed too....!!! RIP OFF artists. Thought this doesn’t happen with “black market” eliminated. Yeah right. What a joke. Grow your own. Don’t support thieves.
a month ago
My girlfriend and I just decided to try a new shop today and by god we are so impressed. Truly great customer service and I loved the people working behind the counter such great staff! Great prices and great selection will definitely be back!!
a month ago
I am new to Ben. I am on a working vacation. I came in when I thought it was happy hour. I had a card with The Times on it. They said that. wasn't the time but I showed him my card and he honored it. That deserves 5 stars in my book. Also very helpful service
5 months ago