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East Bend Dispensary - They are awesome! Always has what I need at an affordable price.
Got hung up on over the phone by a guy named spencer at the west side location. Thanks for being a total ass when I didn't even cuss or raise my voice. Asked him if I could order over the phone because the app wasn't working and he said yeah sure I guess and told him my sister would be picking it up(we're both medical) and he said she had to call so I said ok and ended the phone call then she calls and was told oh we can't order over the phone first come first serve so I called back and asked why he said yeah sure at first then when I had my sister call he said he couldn't. He just said sir you're going to have to come and get it your self and hung up and I called again and he picked up and hung up the phone. I understand now that you guys aren't supposed to do orders over the phone at all so it was his mistake for saying yeah but I couldn't believe the way that guy was treating me. Usually you guys are really nice and have good service but this dude spencer needs to be talked to about his service. If someone's yelling or cussing I don't see an issue in politely saying sorry for your inconvenience have a nice day and hanging up but I wasn't raising my voice or cussing and he just said "you have to come pick up yourself and hung up. Then continued to hang up on me when I tried to call back to talk to a manager. That's not how you deal with customers. If he just would have admitted he made a mistake by saying that he could take an order over the phone I would have understood but he had to be disrespectful and hang up on me like I was in the wrong when obviously he can't own up to his mistakes.
DiamondTREE is one of my favorite dispensaries here in Bend. They are currently under a bit of construction but they still have great products and amazing specials. Their rewards program is the best in the city, hands down. Plus they are happy to weigh out a certain amount of flower if you are a little low on funds and need a specific dollar amount worth. I highly recommend this dispensary to all customers, whether they be first timers, experienced or somewhere in between.
Great customer service, good chill energy, great price and they know what they are talking about. Plus the weed and oils are always good quality! Never been disappointed.
This is one of the top 5 places you want to go for your needs in Bend. When I am in bend, I pick this place a lot. It is in a great location, it has a great selection and they are always improving. The staff are cool and they like to talk if there aren't a lot of people. Both of their locations or very friendly. The prices are a bit on the higher side, but they all are now. They aren't the highest, but they definitely aren't the lowest. The location of this one is one of the safest imo and that gets a star.

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