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This is my go-to shop; I love these guys! As someone who has used cannabis for a number of years for health reasons, I like to purchase small amounts more frequently (versus larger amounts less frequently). This allows me to not only limit my intake but also to sample many different meds. Having said that, I visit this dispensary 4-5 times a week. They are always welcoming, knowledgeable, & friendly. Even though I'm in so frequently, they still offer me suggestions each time, tell me of new batches they're getting in soon or different products they're trying out. They ask about my furbabies (#CrazyCatLady), tell me about their families & lives, & show genuine concern for me not only as a customer but as a person. Dare I say, they've become part of my funky weird extended family (much like a bartender or hairdresser does; you see them so frequently, how can you not?). On the product side - lots to choose from! Tons of flower, different edibles, even clones. For promos & deals, in addition to their frequent punch card, they offer other deals as well. They change often (daily specials, etc.) so it's best to ask your budtender. My go-to 'tender is Brandon, one of the managers. He's always got a smile on his face, is always in a good mood & never makes you feel rushed or like just another costumer. I know we all may have different opinions but as far as I'm concerned this is the best shop in town!
Top 3 of the best dispensaries in Bend. Any of these three could be number one just depending on the time of year and what's available. Number one in terms of friendly staff and customer service.
Worst dispensary in town. They sell faulty cartridges to customers & don't work to resolve the problem. They were willing to loose a customer who spends 150$ a week over two faulty cartridges. The manager Brandon is incompetent, and arrogant. When I told him I'll never again come back he just laughed & smiled. They wouldn't even pass my contact info to higher ups. Buyers beware!! This place is run by Oregon white trash
This place could be great, awesome bud, nice layout. However.. No deals, all bud is around 10$ a gram up to $14 with no discount for quantity. Crazy. Also, the bud tender, with the blonde hair and nose piercings, couldn't have acted more agitated at every question I asked, and the store was empty! I'm surprised I bought anything but they had some weed I couldn't turn down ("The purps"). Won't be returning.
Well first, I implore you to look at the google street view. Now then, if you're still here.. I'll begin. The...inside of this place is isn't bad. It's layout is pretty basic but the selection is good. The prices.... are not good. Probably on the higher side actually. The selection is really good though, if you want to see a lot of different stuff. The parking lot and general area is not in the best shape. I don't see how any amount of fixing could make it better either. This entire part of town needs an amount of love only the power of a million mothers could give.

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