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I wish I could go here more often because of their great customer service and rewards program. Unfortunately Bloom Well doesn't typically carry the flowers I'm looking for but their menu is growing.
As a novice I received some much needed help and found these folks to be very knowledgeable and giving of their time. I will return. 5 stars
Pre rolls are priced the same as any other place now. Even though the bud looks amazing and smokes great with a great high i am forced to start going through the streets again considering the prices are way to high then plus tax on top of it. Im talking close to 20 dollars or more for a single gram (shakes head disapprovingly). The good thing about this placr though is the great customer service and theyre reward program. Hopefully down the road things can change. Thanks guys.
When this place first opened, it was great. But the prices have sky rocketed, and the quality has diminished. For instance, they were selling for $16 per gram for an herb that has 16% THC... That is outrageous, such unfair prices that I had to walk out. Went down the street and got 25% THC for $8 per gram! The people here are nice, but I feel sorry for anyone that pays their prices. It's an insult to the industry and the customer.
I thought this place was pretty sweet. Fresh paint and furniture. Looked nice and up to date. The gal that help me was friendly and personable. Was my first time there and she treated me like a regular not a noob. I asked for price range and she showed me and gave me her recommendation. Picked my stuff, paid and went out the back door which is pretty close to the parking. It felt pretty discrete. Par for the course for sure.

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