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Great customer service, great place. Jeremi knows his stuff and should be promptly given a raise!
2 weeks ago
I've been once before two years ago and both times had a different process for ordering and paying. Lacks easy to understand flow of how to get help, order or look at glass. Roped off areas for line cut off areas to look at glass. I promptly left after they didn't have seeds and was too difficult to look at glass. Didn't order cannabis this time.
a month ago
Decent prices and a great selection coupled with a friendly and knowledgeable staff make this one of my favorite shops in the Portland area. True, you may spend a few extra bucks compared to some of the city based establishments; but in return you'll end up with the product you want instead of a product you can live with. In exchange for a couple minutes of patience, the staff will even pick the stems off of your flower. Hard to compete with top notch service.
2 months ago
Between the rewards program, return policy, friendly staff and good selection, I can't see myself switching to a different dispensary any time soon. The biggest issue is that the main parking lot isn't very large. There is a secondary lot around back to help, though. Late afternoons and evenings can get busy. There's (as of the time of this review) an early bird discount, so there's good reason to visit in the morning instead.
2 months ago
Huge selection, lots of add-ons and equipment, knowledgeable bud tenders. They have a loyalty program that gets you discounts, and they regularly have sales/deals. Slightly higher priced than some other stores, but worth the convenience.
2 months ago

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