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Nice service, okay selection, slightly over priced. Really, it is only worth it to go during happy hour times, but even then... be prepared to wait in line a good 5-10 minutes. Never come here in a hurry.
Awesome staff. I bought a vape pen and cartridge and had trouble getting it to work. I brought it in and they went out of their way to help me. I wish all stores could be this chill and helpful
The menu on their website is always inaccurate. After about visiting four times in hopes of buying a specific strain, I was told they didn't have it even though it was on their website. So I decided I would call ahead to double check before I drive down there. The first time I called to see if they had a strain in stock which was listed on their website. The employee sorta brushed me off and told me no, they don't have it, as if I should somehow know they don't. They seemed annoyed I would call. Yesterday, I decided to call to verify they had a strain and was hung up on. I retried thinking it must have been a mistake, but it happened THREE MORE TIMES. So yeah, I'm done trying with this place. They obviously don't value their customers' time enough to have accurate info on their site and they don't care enough to actually help you.
I appreciate your offer, but it isn't necessary. I have been back a handful of times since I left that review and have been treated exceptionally well. Also, your happy hour deals are fantastic. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to change my review but your store is definitely worthy of 5 stars.
Just great. My 1st visit. This will be my primary dispensary. Easy parking and location. Friendly staff. Good quality bud and prices. Really like the concepts of "wake & bake" special pricing and a punch card which will provide a store credit after a certain number of store visits.

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