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So I decided to give this place a shot. it was in the right location, and the price was right. The staff seemed knowledgeable and friendly! I ended up leaving with herb, edibles, and a concentrate that was recommended by the "bud-tender". upon arriving home with my goodies, I tried the concentrate (a 50-60$ investment) and it tasted like burning plastic and wasn't giving me the same amount of "smoke" I was used to. I called to see if there was Anything they could do, or if they even knew there was a problem. upon calling The person on the phone told me to quit calling (as if i'd called before) and since there was a type of smoke coming out, he wouldn't trade it out or refund my money. So, from what I gather, i'm not the only person who has had this problem. so either They know they are serving defective products to paying customers, or they think all customers are liars? maybe they just don't care. at best this place doesn't care about it's customers, at worst they are scammers. I will be avoiding this place. P.s. I am not a picky person. the only reason i'm writing this is because I don't want anyone who smokes to get burned.
Helpful, knowledgeable but store a little short of inventory. Has that sweet new car smell...
This place is great! 12 bucks a gram for all their weed. 40 dollar eighths. They always have a huge selection, and it's always chronic. Best dispensary in SW PDX>
Went to check out the store after work. Showed up to a location closed. They decided updating their store hours while being closed was too much work. Thanks for letting me know I shouldnt go here!
I Was about to spend $100 at this location. Right before I walk in the worker comes out and says "go be homeless somewhere else your making customers uncomfortable!" Then threatens to call the cops and start yelling at me to leave. Then she says "I'm telling the cops that your dog bit me and I have people in here that will go along with it!"my dogs a 7 month german shepherd puppy. He never came close to her. I didnt know there was a dress code and a flashy car requirement. Dont come here they just want high rollers. I have 14 witnesses with phone numbers if your interested. Go to GREEN MART way better. With Oregon Bud Company they just want ??. NoCOMPASSION. Disrespectful. Im a medical marijuana supporter for quite sometime actively.

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