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The best customer service you could ask for, really thank you Charlotte for all your help you're my bud tender almost every time and always take care of your customers. Awesome products and even better employees!
2 weeks ago
I was purchase an oil earlier today. the cashier who attend me are playing dumb and not wanting to give my changed back. Maybe not everyone has the same experience but this place is a mess and i am confident they are not reliable and they are not seliing what they claim. Be cautious and don't get yourself caught up in my situation.
3 weeks ago
This was the one of the first dispensaries I went to when I moved here 6 months ago. I love the products, the prices, and the employees. You get your money's worth and great customer service plus this location takes card now without a service fee!!!! Tall about amazing. I went in today and was helped by a very nice gentleman younger maybe 24ish I wish I would have asked your name so I could put it here. You were awesome for remembering all the flavors of joints I asked for in one grab and making sure I liked the look of my products. Thanks again I'm sure I'll be back :)
a month ago
Like the fast food chain of dispensaries. Get it at a decent price, fast, in and out. They don’t spend much time with you looking for anything specific, and aren’t very well educated in what strain will help with which issue, but if you go at the right time of day (mid morning, early afternoon), they usually hook you up with deals. If you have a medical issue that you are trying to receive help with, using cannabis, this is not the place to go. But if you need a quick eighth before your camping trip, this is the best place to go.
4 months ago
I love this place. Great deals daily/weekly. The staff are awesome and knowledgeable. They give you great detailed suggestions and the pricing is also amazing. Jennifer helped me out and put me onto some great pre-rolls! I’ll be coming back around today thanks guys !!
4 months ago

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